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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new craft room

hi all, sorry i haven't posted in a few days..i've been really busy but i have still been visiting all my favorite blogs when i get a few spare minutes. so, sunday i got this idea how to switch kids rooms around, etc so i could get my own craft room...with a door! lol i have had all my stuff set up in what's supposed to be my dining room but it was all open for everyone that comes over to see my huge mess! uggh, not good! the past few days i've been moving furniture, cleaning, and organizing. my room is very small but at least i can close the door when we have company, or i can lock the kids out when i need mommy time! lol so i'm gonna post a few pictures..i'm not sure if i'm leaving everything where it is..i'll see when i start creating in there. oh, and my littlest munchkin turned 4 months! where has the time gone? if you have any good storage ideas for me, please share! thanks so much for stopping by! xo,hl


  1. It looks to me like you have storage systems pretty much in place. What a delightful room you have created for yourself. What a good idea to be able to close the door from the little ones. Not that you want to stem their creativity but to safeguard them from all the things that they can put in tiny mouths etc.
    You seem such a good, caring and lovely mom - well done you.
    Hugs, Neet xx

    1. thanks for your sweet comment, Neet! yes, as you know we have some not so safe tools as paper crafters! i'm lucky that the older 4 know not to mess with my stuff without asking. but having a door is a little peace of mind anyway! They all love to create with me fun! hope your week is going well! can't wait to see your next project! hugs, hl

  2. Your organized space is pretty much makin' me jealous! Love that row of Cricut cartridges! I wanna come over and play!!!

    Also, thank you very much for your concern over my bad week and your encouragement to have a better week! That is so kind of you!

    see ya later!



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